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We have stopped this offer during our 2018 August sale. Those who purchased it before will be able to use it in 2018.

RevGenetics Private Membership. During our Annual August Sale, Private Members get up to 25% Off On Products. The Rest Of The Year, Private Membership Provides 15% Off Normally Priced Products. Yes, we even have a special email only discount for members on TA-65. Please wait 24-48 hours before your membership is active. If you already have a Private Membership, please login here then go to our products page to see your Private Member discounted prices.

RevGenetics Private Membership Program: Our Private Membership program is open to all customers, and it is one of the best programs we have ever had to save you money on all the products that RevGenetics offers. Go ahead, become a private member and you will immediately be able to use our best special offer codes on the products you want the most. 

What are my membership benefits?

Minimum Discounts: Membership provides all of our regularly priced RevGenetics brand (and sometimes other brands) products at a 15% discount every single day of the year, for as long as you are a member. During our Annual August Sale, we provide a flat discount of up to of 25% off on many products, while regular customers will only be able to get up to 20% off single product purchases.

Exclusive Private Member Pricing: Some products such as The Nitro250 and TA-65 will have exclusive private member only offers that the public will simply not have access to.

Can I cancel the Private Membership? Yes, you can cancel the annual membership at any time.

I Have My Purchased Membership, How Do I Login To See My Discounts? If you have purchased your membership, please allow 24-48 hours to be activated. After this period, your regular email account at RevGenetics will be switched over and become a Private Member Account. Please click on the "Accounts" link at the top of the page to log in to RevGenetics or you can login here: https://store.revgenetics.com/account/login

Join us today! Why would you purchase expensive resveratrol products, telomerase activators or rejuvenation products; when you can get the best prices, independently tested and verified for quality, and get notified of new sales month to month? You can cancel your RevGenetics Private Membership at any time, but we believe that our quality, convenience, and pricing with low shipping costs will simply have you convinced that the membership is worth every penny.