MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™ For You

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MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™  -  RevGenetics
MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™  -  RevGenetics
MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™  -  RevGenetics
MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™  -  RevGenetics

MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™

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IN STOCK. The most powerful Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™ available. If Our Micelle Super Quercetin + Zinc Doesn't Beat Yours, Simply Return It Within 30 Days For A Full Refund Of Your Purchase. The MetaQuercetin SuperZ Capsules Uses The The Most Powerful Liquid Micelle Technology In The World To Increase It's Absorption And Bioavailability. This Product Is Specifically Made For High Absorption Of Quercetin + Zinc (as a Zinc Ionophore). While Micelle Technology was used to boost Curcumin absorption by up to 277x in a human clinical study, we estimate the Micelle Quercetin to have up to an 85 fold increase over regular quercetin.

While Quercetin Is a Proven Zinc Ionophore (It Transports Zinc Across The Cell Membrane), Standard Quercetin Is Badly Absorbed In Your Body And Has Limited Results In Helping Zinc Absorption. To Overcome This Limitation To Boost And Maximize Zinc Absorption Through The Cell Membrane To Where Its Needed The Most, We Use New Nano Technology (Nano Quercetin In Micelles) To Increase This Natural Zinc Ionophore Absorption Dramatically. We Believe The High Absorption MetaQuercetin Can Easily Transport More Of Our SuperZ Zinc Across The Cell Membrane Better Than Any Comparable Amount Of Standard Low Absorption Quercetin. If You Want A Natural Zinc Ionophore, Why Not Get The Best To Support Your Good Health?

Liquid Micelle Quercetin Capsules: Each bottle contains 60 liquid Micelle Quercetin Capsules. Each Capsule Contains Micelle Quercetin + 25mg of Zinc. The Serving Size Is 2 Capsules, Which Provides 50mg of Ionophore Powered Zinc™.

Our Liquid Micelle Technology is also used with our MetaCurcumen to achieve a up to a 277 fold increase in plasma absorption (In A Human Clinical Study). We conservatively estimate that the increase in Quercetin absorption is between 85 fold to up to 185 fold using our micelle technology over regular quercetin. 

Quercetin In Senolytics: In animal testing that used Quercetin, the amount of 50mg/kg was used to provide senescent cell clearance in rodents. This would be about 3.5 grams of quercetin in a 70kg person. The scientists coined the term "senolytics" for the new class of study. While this product has the best micelle quercetin available, we suggest it's use with our SuperZ Zinc daily as a way to immediately and consistently target a lack of Zinc in your diet. Nobody wants a low immune system because they didn't take enough Zinc.

SuperZ™ Zinc: Zinc supports a good sense of taste and smell. It supports your powerful immune system which requires it to be in tip top shape. Zinc also supports proper cell division, and with the Super Quercetin serving to transport Zinc through the cell membranes (as a Zinc Ionophore), we believe it will it will help keep you as healthy as Zinc is intended to do.

Warning: Please consult your physician for the proper use of this product before taking it with antibiotics or rheumatoid arthritis meds, as any Zinc supplement can interfere with some of these. 

This is considered a high absorption dietary supplement.

^The statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™ supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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