Micronized Resveratrol

RevGenetics Micronized Trans-Resveratrol powder has a particles reduced down to 1.5 microns, and is absorbed up to 220% compared to regular Resveratrol supplements that average between 149 to 224microns[1]. When Micronized Resveratrol is combined with Tween we can see up to a 1000% absorption increase when compared to regular resveratrol.

The comparison of regular resveratrol and the special micronized resveratrol increases are shown in the chart below. The Nitro250 contains our world renowned Micronized Resveratrol and Tween formulation. With increased absorption, you will simply need to take less.

Try our bulk powder or our nitrogen protected Licaps® capsule in our Nitro250 bottle. We are the only provider of Liquid Capsules with micronized resveratrol. These Liquid Capsules are protected from light, heat, and oxygen with a nitrogen bubble in each individual capsule. They provide 250mg of resveratrol.

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RevGenetics: Nitro250 Micronized Super Resveratrol

TrueMicronized™ Technology With Up To 10x (1000%) The Absorption Over Standard Resveratrol. Patented Capsules Use Micronized Resveratrol For High Absorption And Bio-Availability. - 1.5 Microns - Using Pharmaceutical Grade 99% Pure Resveratrol. The Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract (Resveratrol) Used Is An EU Organic Certified Produced Ingredient. RevGenetics Resveratrol Has Been Used In Human Clinical Trials With Positive Results, Subscribe To Newsletter To Get Free Information: (Click Here)

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RevGenetics: M98: Bulk Micronized Resveratrol

Pharmaceutical Grade - EU Organic Certified Ingredient Micronized Resveratrol - M98 Bulk Resveratrol - Bulk Powder - 25 Grams Per Container - 300 mg Pure Micronized Trans-Resveratrol Per Serving. 

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